TwThemes.activateTheme({[themeName], [invertShade]}): [activeThemeName, activeInvertShade]

TwThemes.activateTheme() activates the supplied theme, applying it's colors within the application.

Internally, this merely sets the context-based CSS Variables to the real colors defined by the theme.


+ TwThemes.activateTheme({[themeName], [invertShade]}): [activeThemeName, activeInvertShade]

Parameters (Please Note this function uses named parameters):

  • themeName: {string} - the theme name to activate (as defined in the Themes structure).

    DEFAULT: the currently active themeName.

  • invertShade: {boolean} - an indicator as to whether the theme's shaded colors should be inverted (true) or not (false) ... i.e. light-to-dark, and dark-to-light.

    DEFAULT: the current invertShade setting

Return: [activeThemeName, activeInvertShade] - the newly activated theme state.

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