Dark Mode

As we have discussed, it is possible to automatically glean a Dark Mode by using tw-themes's Shade Inversion feature. It really depends on how your color scheme is implemented.

If your color philosophy produces dark modes by simply inverting the color shades, you are in like flynn! Simply alias the tw-themes inversion state to a dark mode and you are done!

As a fallback, if this doesn't work (for whatever reason), don't fret ... dark modes are easily achieved!

Dark modes are extremely simple to implement in tw-themes! You simply define a theme that adjusts your colors to a dark color strategy. It's really no different than defining themes with distinct base colors.

Unlike tailwind's Dark Mode feature, in tw-themes there are NO changes to your markup, because you have abstracted this away by using Context Colors.

This is in stark contrast to tailwind's Dark Mode feature, which requires you to tediously add the dark variant throughout your markup!

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