How do it know?

Ever heard the joke about the thermos keeping "hot things hot", and "cold thing cold"? The confused bystander asked: "How do it know?"

You may be wondering how tw-themes implements the dynamic color mapping of real colors to context colors?

While this is an internal implementation detail, the simple answer is: CSS Variables (CSS Custom Properties).

  • All tailwind context colors reference CSS Variables, for example:

      ... snip snip
      colors: { // ... OUTPUT from: TwThemes.colorConfig()
        primary:  "var(--twt-primary)",
        ... snip snip
  • When you change your theme (at run-time) these CSS Variables are set in the <body> tag (sourced from the theme's real color):

    <body style="--twt-primary: #B91C1C;">

You can actually see this in your browser's dev tools. Simple filter the Styles section with "--twt" (the prefix used for all tw-themes CSS Variables):

Dev Tools Context Colors

If you change your theme, you will see these colors change.

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