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Want to see a real tw-themes app?

svelte-native-forms is the project where tw-themes was conceived. It is a Svelte utility providing form validation, and contains a demo app illustrating various samples. Here is a live demo:

For the purposes of demonstrating tw-themes, we are merely focused on changing the active theme ... found the upper right dropdown menu:

Theme Selection Dropdown

You can select your "theme color", and toggle "Dark Mode" ... try it (in the live demo above).

From a "theme coding" perspective, there are only a few modules of interest:

  1. src/layout/colorTheme.js

    This is the primary module that promotes our TwThemes object, through the initTwThemes() invocation, fusing the relationship between our Schema and Themes.

    • The Schema is defined as follows:

      const schema = [
        'onLight',       // typically black
        'onDark',        // typically white
        'accentBorder',  // typically a gray tone (e.g. 'coolGray-600')
                         // ... used for borders in SideBar/NavBar/Menu/Dialog/etc.
        'backdrop',      // universal background 
                         // ... can be a gray tone       (e.g. 'coolGray-200')
                         // ... or lighter primary shade (e.g. `${primary}-100`)
                         //     ... lighter that 'primaryLight'
                         //         providing NOT too much of same color
    • Our Themes are defined as follows:

      const themes = {
        'Warm': { contextColors: gen('warmGray', 'amber'), },
        'Cool': { contextColors: gen('coolGray', 'orange'), },
        'Mono': {
          contextColors: {
            ...gen('coolGray', 'red'), // ... base colors
            'primaryLight':   'white', // ... overrides:
            'primaryDark':    'black',
            'backdrop':       'white',
        'Amber':   { contextColors: gen('amber',  'indigo'), },
        'Teal':    { contextColors: gen('teal',   'rose'),   },
        'Cyan':    { contextColors: gen('cyan',   'orange'), },
        'Indigo':  { contextColors: gen('indigo', 'amber'), },
    • Notice that we utilize a helper function that generates the default contextColors (which can be overridden):

      function gen(primary, secondary) {
        return {
          'primaryLight':   `${primary}-300`,
          'primary':        `${primary}-500`,
          'primaryDark':    `${primary}-900`,
          'secondaryLight': `${secondary}-300`,
          'secondary':      `${secondary}-500`,
          'secondaryDark':  `${secondary}-900`,
          'onLight':        'black',
          'onDark':         'white',
          'accentBorder':   'coolGray-600',
          'backdrop':       `${primary}-100`, // or: 'coolGray-200'
    • Finally, we invoke initTwThemes() and promote the TwThemes object through an export.

      const initialThemeName   = 'Warm'; // AI: ENHANCE TO pull from local storage
      const initialInvertShade = true;   //     ditto
      const TwThemes = initTwThemes(schema, themes, initialThemeName, initialInvertShade);
      export default TwThemes;
  2. src/layout/ThemeSelector.svelte

    The <ThemeSelector> component is an extremely simple solution to changing the theme. It merely invokes the activatePriorTheme() / activateNextTheme() functions on the arrow clicks.

    While I don't expect you to be a svelte user, the relevant code snippets are:

      import TwThemes  from './colorTheme';
      <Icon name="arrow_back_ios"
            ... snip snip
            on:click={() => theme = TwThemes.activatePriorTheme()}/>
      <Icon name="arrow_forward_ios"
            ... snip snip
            on:click={() => theme = TwThemes.activateNextTheme()}/>

    Easy Peasy!

  3. src/layout/ThemeInversionSelector.svelte

    The <ThemeInversionSelector> component is an equally simple solution to changing the theme's dark mode.

    It merely invokes the toggleInvertShade() function.

  4. tailwind.config.js

    Of course, we communicate our Context Colors to tailwind through TwThemes's colorConfig() function:


    export default {
      ... snip snip
      theme: {
        extend: {
          colors: TwThemes.colorConfig(),
      ... snip snip
  5. Lastly, the html markup found throughout the project is utilizing the context colors defined by our app.

    <span class="text-onLight hover:bg-primary hover:text-onDark ... snip snip">
      That's All Folks :-)

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