Future: Provide Reactivity through DOM Event

As mentioned in the TwThemes Reactivity section, tw-themes provides no means by which reactivity can be tracked ... other than the app module which stimulated it's change.

Promoting reactive state change is not thought to be needed because there is typically only one place where this state is used ... that is the app's UI component that manages Theme Selection (controlling both the display and update of this state).

Using the KISS Principle we did not want to complicate the API.

CONSIDERATION: With that said, it would be easy to provide reactivity by simply emitting a custom DOM event on the <body>. This would not complicate the API in any way.

Proposed Event:

  containing:  activeThemeName/activeInvertShade

If we decide to do this, AI includes:

  • document the TwThemeChanged event (in a new API section)

    • also reference this event in the API of any function that changes state
  • reword the TwThemes Reactivity section


To contribute to this topic, please refer to this discussion.

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