TwThemes.colorConfig(): TwColors

The TwThemes.colorConfig() function is to be be used in the tailwind.config.js color section (as part of the build process). It generates a configuration structure that defines the context colors in-use, as defined by the Schema contained in the TwThemes object.

These color definitions reference CSS Variables that are dynamically maintained (at run-time) by the active theme.


+ TwThemes.colorConfig(): TwColors

Parameters: NONE

Return: TwColors - a tailwind JSON color structure to be referenced in the tailwind.config.js color section.


import TwThemes from './src/layout/colorTheme';
export default {
  ... snip snip
  theme: {
    ... snip snip
    extend: {
      colors: TwThemes.colorConfig(), // define the context colors in-use

NOTE: Having trouble with this snippet, due to ES Modules? Please refer to A Note on ES Modules in Tailwind Configuration.

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