Themes (Real Colors)

Themes map Real Colors to your Context Colors at run-time. It's that simple!

Typically, you will define multiple color themes. However it is surprising what you can do with a single theme. For example, you can make minor color adjustments throughout your entire application from a single source (i.e. your theme)!

Never the less, once you have gone through this process, it is a minimal effort to define multiple themes, so you might as well take the plunge!

In tw-themes Real Colors are supplied through tailwind's standard color pallet. This includes a total of 220 colors (22 base colors, each with 10 shades).

If that is not enough, you can also specify Real Colors through CSS compatible color definitions (ex: '#8050c8'). This however is discouraged, because you loose the capability to invert shades, and define opacity (see Themes for more detail).

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